Novelist Brings The Ruff Sound Movement to the world

Novelist Brings The Ruff Sound Movement to the world!

Last month Novelist broke the silence on his Ruff Sound movement, telling SBTV in a rare interview that,

“My whole thing is something needs to change for people to be optimistic again, I will never denounce the sound that I already create, I’m just making a new one for my youngsters to build an industry off of and make some bread as well, because word is bond when I say all my young G’s need an opportunity. I’ve seen what to do and I’m very certain of what’s coming next for the Ruff Movement.”

Novelist has gone a step further now and declared the sound a genre of it’s own. He broke the news on Twitter, ushering in the movement with a 40 minute set on Rinse.

We are personally really excited by the new Ruff Sound and believe its going to make a great addition to the Grime sound as a whole.



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